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Devil Tower Stone Limit

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3 hours ago, VegaS™ said:

Hi, please edit the topic and put some informations about the resource, thanks.

cutting limit for text on 7 floors in the tower, to prevent unlimited farm, 

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On 12.07.2020 at 09:37, xP3NG3Rx said:

Bunu yapan herkes durmalı ve başka bir hobi bulmalıdır.


what do you understand from a simple codeword, 
there are those who exploit the game in this way,

In this way, they make money by breaking more fires and selling them out of the game and disrupting the game trade.

of course you don't know such things because you don't manage an active game.
Going through the forum from morning to evening and managing an active game are very different.


You are king, You know best ??





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What he did is he changed the Unknown Old Chest with it's containing items and set a limit.



But why did it bad to farm that chest? Even that chest or it's containing key item(s) have 1 yang as shop_buy_price as default.

If you mean some player sell those chest as a scam like lie it is rare or something, then you would only have to set it ANTI_MYSHOP, ANTI_GIVE antiflag, or make a timer of 4minute on them.

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