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Client compression



My client weighs a little, he is working on its optimization. I thought you could change tga and dds to png. It was a bad idea. The result of my tests

Test PC .png decompression: 351 MB
Test PC .png comression lz4: 336 MB
Test PC .png comression lmza2: 321 MB
Test PC .tga and .dds decompression: 305 MB
Test PC .tga and .dds comression lz4: 240 MB
Test PC .tga and .dds comression lmza2: 155 MB


Folder Pack
decompression: 2400 MB

lz4: 1700 MB

lmza2: 1190 MB


What compression do you use and what do you do to make the client weigh less?


I am currently working on a tool that will test the server base and use mobs, textures, armor, weapons and models that appear on the server. According to my calculations, it saves about 70% of the data. The client from 2007 weighed 700 MB, I think that with good compression and cleaning you can achieve up to 400 MB.

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Cheaper CDN maintenance and faster player can play. Also quick update.
You can convert the customer so that no one will notice the difference. The files are loaded when you log in.

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