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Ozone2 - The rise of Jotun | Preview

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In the main preview the following contents have been added: Alchemy and Biologist.
Further previews will arrive in the next few days!
Stay tuned on our Discord channel!

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Here we are with the last preview before the opening of the closed beta.

We have added the Elements Scroll and Experience Scroll



What function do they have?
By placing these items on a pet or a mount, you will have the opportunity to change the name of your partner who will receive a bonus for a limited time!


Where can I find them?
You can find these scrolls in the Gaya-Market:




We also added an additional slot for mount skins:



Closed Beta

The fateful day has arrived!
The closed beta will be carried out among the staff members and will begin on 04/08/2020.
Each update will be published in the section suitable for the beta.

I also remind you that applications are still open  and we are looking for translators for the following languages:
TR | ES | HU | PL | PT | CZ


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I want to remind you that applications are still open and we are looking for translators for the following languages:

TR | ES | HU | PL | PT | CZ

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