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Attacks DDoS (ch3hp)



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Hello, I am looking for information on how to fix the annoying attack of layer4 that ch3hp created to attack servers, currently in the Hispanic community these attacks have been triggered by other children which has led to you having to pay "ch3hp" 300 euros by a firewall that claims to be the "savior".

I am looking for someone who has information on how to stop these attacks, I am willing to pay as long as it is not ch3hp and a child who is dedicated to attacking.




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I will tell you a little trick.

His "ddos" attacks are so weak and lame, that a simple pf filtering more then X connections per second from the same IP to the login port fixes it.


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His attacks are based on "client less". He sends normal player packages but in large numbers. For me, "ch3hp" is funny. A hacker who can't do anything ? (I've seen youtube videos). Write to me, I will help Discord: Alerin#5559

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