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Movement sync lag





When I move my character (walking, riding a mount, anything), I get these syslogs:

Whenever the game loads new mobs in the player's view there's a slight lag

SYSLOG: Jun 24 23:07:34 :: SECTREE DIFFER: [SA]test 149x37 was 149x36 dist 1.0m
SYSLOG: Jun 24 23:07:42 :: SECTREE DIFFER: [SA]test 149x38 was 149x37 dist 1.0m
SYSLOG: Jun 24 23:07:58 :: SECTREE DIFFER: [SA]test 148x38 was 149x38 dist 1.0m
SYSLOG: Jun 24 23:07:59 :: SECTREE DIFFER: [SA]test 148x37 was 148x38 dist 1.0m
SYSLOG: Jun 24 23:08:03 :: SECTREE DIFFER: [SA]test 147x37 was 148x37 dist 1.0m
SYSLOG: Jun 24 23:08:07 :: SECTREE DIFFER: [SA]test 146x37 was 147x37 dist 1.0m
SYSLOG: Jun 24 23:08:12 :: SECTREE DIFFER: [SA]test 146x36 was 146x37 dist 1.0m
SYSLOG: Jun 24 23:08:16 :: SECTREE DIFFER: [SA]test 146x35 was 146x36 dist 1.0m
SYSLOG: Jun 24 23:08:17 :: SECTREE DIFFER: [SA]test 147x35 was 146x35 dist 1.0m

How do I go about debugging this problem? ?



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Are you riding a mount or did you removed the movement speed cap when you're on foot?

As i remember about ~180 movement speed the game caps it and you can't move faster on foot.

If you're too fast (even with mounts, or even on foot with removed limit) this can happen.



The map where you are, the coordinates can divided by 256?

If not, it produces a lot of problem, maybe this too.


Exampe: (Just a random number to show...)

315136/256=1231 ~ Good

315137/256=1231.0039 ~ Bad



If it is not Ymir's map then dump a server_attr with WorldEditor Remix, maybe the creator used a default or not matching one.


Disclaimer: I don't need money even if those solved your problem, i cannot accept it btw because of my country's strict laws.

Once i sold a CS:GO skin for 90euro then i got a letter from the duty bureau 3weeks later that i should explain what was that ?

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