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After a long time working on this project we can confirm the development is already coming to an end, a specific server without any error and soon it will come to light, in the next few days the closed beta phase will begin and all our youtubers will start recording videos about our server.


WEB: Coming soon ..


DISCORD: https://discord.gg/FU2NwH




    • 60% PvM / 40% PvP
    • Maximum level: 115
    • Maximum Stats: 90
    • 4 races
    • 4 Channels
    • Alchemy
    • Everything achievable in the game
    • International


    • Orc Maze
    • Baroness Spider
    • Demons Tower
    • Azrael
    • Beran-Setaou
    • Nemere
    • Arrator
    • Zodiac temple
    • Hydra
    • Meley
    • Jotun Thrym


    • Special inventory
    • Object drop search and its percentage
    • Channel changer
    • Itemshop In-game
    • New offline store with store finder included.
    • Chest finder, where they fall and what drop gives.
    • Bonus table
    • Gaya Market
    • Switchbot with increased speed and with the possibility of saving a series of bonuses
    • Infinite auras system, only removed when a player kills you.
    • Talisman system.
    • Portable system
    • Color Skill System
    • System of marks, energy crystals and permanent sprays Achievable INGAME
    • Dungeon Information System.
    • Talisman system
    • Vote4Buff system
    • 100% Multilanguage System translated into 11 LANGUAGES
    • Tactical or normal duels system.
    • System of hiding outfits.
    • Mailbox system
    • Opponent's HP display system.
    • PIN CODE system when entering a character.

And much more, we are waiting for you !!






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