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Multiple Buy + AutoStack

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If you don't have AddPointToNumberString in localeInfo (check if you have the function but with another name):

def AddPointToNumberString(n):
	return "%s" % ('.'.join([ i-3<0 and str(n)[:i] or str(n)[i-3:i] for i in range(len(str(n))%3, len(str(n))+1, 3) if i ])) 

Also, I would remove:

				dlgPickItem = uiPickItem.PickItemDialog()
				self.dlgPickItem = dlgPickItem

to put it in UnselectItemSlot or w/e is your function where you select the item to buy:

			if app.IsPressed(app.DIK_LCONTROL):
				itemIndex = shop.GetItemID(selectedSlotPos)
				itemName = item.GetItemName()
				dlgPickItem = uiPickItem.PickItemDialog()
				self.dlgPickItem = dlgPickItem
				self.dlgPickItem.itemGlobalSlotIndex = selectedSlotPos

and I would add in Close and Destroy:

		if self.dlgPickItem:
			self.dlgPickItem = None	

Another thing, what is this?



Aren't we passing, like this, moneyValue with self.dlgPickItem.SetAcceptEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.OnPickItem))?


At least, that's what happened with me, therefore I just:

		if not text.isdigit():
			text = 1
		if text:
			if self.eventAccept:


Or am I missing something and I am too tired to notice?

Also, be wary of putting more than one stack in the shops..


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