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1 map for full game

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Is there any reason not to make one huge map that contains all kingdoms/mobs etc?(except maybe separate instances for dungeons) Does that cause loading problems or something? Sorry if the answer is obvious.

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There was a hungarian server what used the 16x16 "4 Mondi" by Luscha.

It run without any problem, but there wasen't too much player, i say it never went above 300.


The possible negative sides:

-People use 2 or 3 cores / channel to load balancing. It is not available with only one map.

-The client should be load a 16*16 map instead of the 4*6 map1. Probably not a problem in 2020, we're not playing in old pentiums anymore :D

-You probably want programming the realtime .msenv changes since it's only one map


Even after that i say it can be "ok" to run one map.

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I've done long time ago a map for two kingdoms 8x8 no loading problem no performance problems cause I splitted it byself into 3 little maps.


"Invisible portals that it doesn't load to much player at one map to make 3 separated cores"


I tested it with 700 players hasn't got any lags 


If you have a complete crazy concept and server itself it wouldn't be a problem but it's still metin tho

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