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Version of Files XXX

Dear Community.

I have a big question about both Pet-System.


1. When i teleport, my pets are gone. Can somebody send me a C++ fix for this? Because i dont wanna use setqf in quest because this lagging the server so hard.

When i summon my ITEM_QUEST pet and i teleport the pet gone. The same thing happens when i summon the Mini Spider or Mini Meley or something.



Thanks, best regards,


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Ymir did not wrote such code, and since the "new pet system" what posted to TurkMMO uses the normal pet system's code as a base, it don't have such feature too.


"i dont wanna use setqf in quest because this lagging the server so hard."

You either not meaning setqf (but loop_timer) or you're totally wrong.

Basicly you have to check 1 questflag at login. That is not do any lag at all. If you use a GF quest pack then you already checking ~50questflag at login so +1 is not making any difference.


So if you don't mind using +1 questlag in addition to the other fifty then check sema's answer:



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