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[FIX] Shaman w/m horse attack bug

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Hi guys,


I guy reported to me a weird bug about shamans w/m which are skipping collision when they are too fast to attack.

On default source files it is still an unresolved bug which appear when the shaman's attack speed is more than 145/150.


here a video which show how it is not getting the damage text for each hit on the stone.



here the FIX.



Since the problem is the InvisibleTime on Attack.msa which it is too high, we could think to reduce it without need to edit nothing in our source (and it may be more efficient), but honestly i preferred to make a function which calculating the "adjustment" of the invisible time using the speed attack to don't risk to get the reversed problem (2 damage on 1 hit when the attack speed is low)

feel free to use one of the two options.



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I'm had next weird problem with ninja, when I mount horse and using bow attack speed is lower than without horse, did you know something about this bug?

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