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System for drawing items for points




The look is exemplary, if you want prettier and more functional, write to me.



For the system to work, you need to connect to your base (class, function, etc.). They are marked as TODO



$c->price = 100;  // Number of points needed for the draw
$c->items([       // List of items to be won. [ID, Promil] (percentage * 10)
    [100100, 500],
    [100200, 500],
    [100000, 500],
    [100300, 200],
    [100400, 200],
    [100500, 100],
    [30270, 100],
    [50255, 100],
    [50256, 100],
    [50257, 100],
    [50258, 100],
    [50259, 100],




The class has no database connection, you must use your (PDO, MySQLi etc.)
1.) Find the reward() function, paste your SQL into the database where it will receive the prize. The $item variable is the item ID.
2.) Check the status of your points in the getPoints() function
3.) In the subtractPoints() function you must subtract points from your account.

4.) Create a folder called item and place there pictures of your items in png.


$this->account - User account ID
$this->price - Price for using the draw




Do you need a quest, system or www? Write to me, I can create everything. (Full STACK, Web (PHP, JS, SQL, HTML, CSS), Server (C ++, Python, Lua))

Discord Alerin#5559

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