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Skill cooltime tooltip fix

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When hovering over a skill, it's recharge duration in tooltip is always the same because it ignores player's casting speed.


In PythonSkill.cpp search for :

DWORD CPythonSkill::SSkillData::GetSkillCoolTime(float fSkillPoint)

Replace with:

DWORD CPythonSkill::SSkillData::GetSkillCoolTime(float fSkillPoint)
	if (strCoolTimeFormula.empty())
		return 0;

	CPoly poly;

		Apply casting speed when calculating the formula
	int iCastingSpeed = CPythonPlayer::Instance().GetStatus(POINT_CASTING_SPEED);
	int iSkillCoolTime = ProcessFormula(&poly, fSkillPoint);

	int i = 100 - iCastingSpeed;

	if (i > 0)
		i = 100 + i;
	else if (i < 0)
		i = 10000 / (100 - i);
		i = 100;

	return DWORD(iSkillCoolTime * i / 100);


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