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Skill Cooltime ToolTIP Fix

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When hovering over a skill, it's recharge duration in tooltip is always the same because it ignores player's casting speed.


In PythonSkill.cpp search for :

PyObject * skillGetSkillCoolTime(PyObject * poSelf, PyObject * poArgs)

Replace with:


PyObject * skillGetSkillCoolTime(PyObject * poSelf, PyObject * poArgs)
	int iSkillIndex;
	if (!PyTuple_GetInteger(poArgs, 0, &iSkillIndex))
		return Py_BadArgument();

	float fSkillPoint;
	if (!PyTuple_GetFloat(poArgs, 1, &fSkillPoint))
		return Py_BadArgument();

	CPythonSkill::SSkillData * c_pSkillData;
	if (!CPythonSkill::Instance().GetSkillData(iSkillIndex, &c_pSkillData))
		return Py_BuildException("skill.GetSkillCoolTime - Failed to find skill by %d", iSkillIndex);

	DWORD dwSkillCoolTime = c_pSkillData->GetSkillCoolTime(fSkillPoint);
	int iCastingSpeed = CPythonPlayer::Instance().GetStatus(POINT_CASTING_SPEED);

	int iSpd = 100 - iCastingSpeed;
	if (iSpd > 0)
		iSpd = 100 + iSpd;
	else if (iSpd < 0)
		iSpd = 10000 / (100 - iSpd);
		iSpd = 100;

	dwSkillCoolTime = dwSkillCoolTime * iSpd / 100;

	return Py_BuildValue("i", dwSkillCoolTime);


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26 minutes ago, Metin2Place said:

If you spam the same skill right after cooldown, the second time it won't do damage.

Sorry to disappoint you but this has nothing to do with damage of the skill. Your issue lays somewhere else.

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Function affects only the tooltip part. Skill cooldown is calculated by the following function(I think, haven't done much research):

CPythonPlayer::__RunCoolTime(DWORD dwSkillSlotIndex)


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18 minutes ago, Metin2Place said:

The skill cooldown finishes too early and doesn't do damage if is cast instantly after cooldown.


Make sure the skill cooldown matches both client and server


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Ty, anyway take a tip:


    int i = int(100 - iCastingSpeed) == 0 ? 100 : int(100 - iCastingSpeed);
    int x = i > 0 ? x = 100 + i : x = 10000 / (100 - i);
    return DWORD(iSkillCoolTime * x / 100);


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So i've tested:

  • Before the calculations: With Normal skills cooldown i have no problem doing damage when it finishes casting.

I have Synchronized skilltable.txt with Vegas's release not to worry about it afterwards.

After trying @Sonitex 's version and @iMerv3's   WORKING calculations, a problem occurs:


  • I cast a skill, and the very first second when the cooldown is ready and i try to cast it again: i do no damage.

So, i Undo the calculations and left it stock to see if it was actually me. Well, I don't have the problem anymore.


If anybody would like to give his fix to the problem, i would appreciate.

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Soooo.. The issue was inside CPythonPlayer::__RunCoolTime(DWORD dwSkillSlotIndex) which was also using casting speed reduction. 


Apologies to everyone 😕 Added remaining part of the tutorial. 

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I hope you realize that we have the same problem, still.. 

This is the remaining code in void CPythonPlayer::__RunCoolTime(DWORD dwSkillSlotIndex)

    TSkillInstance & rkSkillInst = m_playerStatus.aSkill[dwSkillSlotIndex];

    CPythonSkill::TSkillData * pkSkillData;
    if (!CPythonSkill::Instance().GetSkillData(rkSkillInst.dwIndex, &pkSkillData))
        TraceError("CPythonPlayer::__SendUseSkill(dwSkillSlotIndex=%d) - NOT CHECK", dwSkillSlotIndex);

    CPythonSkill::TSkillData& rkSkillData=*pkSkillData;

    rkSkillInst.fCoolTime = rkSkillData.GetSkillCoolTime(rkSkillInst.fcurEfficientPercentage);
    rkSkillInst.fLastUsedTime = CTimer::Instance().GetCurrentSecond();

    PyCallClassMemberFunc(m_ppyGameWindow, "RunUseSkillEvent", Py_BuildValue("(if)", dwSkillSlotIndex, rkSkillInst.fCoolTime));

And i still don't give damage. Can you pllease check?


  • When i don't have casting speed on an item, it is working fine. When i have casting speed, it is not dealing damage anymore if i fastly cast it again..
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I assume calculating the duration in the beginning of the function is not the smartest move when dealing with milliseconds. Moved the calculation to skill module's function which is only used at uiToolTip.


It works just fine for me now, if further problems arise I will happily fix them ;) 

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  • ASIKOO changed the title to Skill Cooltime ToolTIP Fix

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