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Clear all log / automatic

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Hi Devs

Google translate

Here's a tutorial to automatically clear all your server logs.



Create crontab user root

crontab -e


click "insert" to keyboard and paste


*	*	*	*	*	/bin/sh /usr/home/etcetcetc/game/clear.sh


With this command you will clear your log in one minute.



Example time crontab:

Linux na Web - Como agendar tarefas no Linux com o Crontab



and press ESC and : and  wq = :wq and press enter

Example screen:


No need to restart ok..

Obs: command

List crontab: # crontab -l

edit crontab: # crontab -e

comment crontab (stop crontab) : comment (#)

#*    *    *    *    *    /bin/sh /usr/home/etcetcetc/game/clear.sh

Download my script clear.sh
edit the files to your directory..

Credit: ByLost



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