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problem in equipment viewer





Hello guys, I have a simple problem when using the equipment viewer system,

which is that I cannot see the features of the belt of the person in front of me,

knowing that I can see the rest of the things without any problems


The syserr is clean


And this is my x, y in the equipmentdialog.py


                                ## COSTUME
                                {"index":19, "x":-20, "y":20, "width":32, "height":64},
                                ## HAIRSTYLE
                                {"index":20, "x":13, "y":20, "width":32, "height":32},
                                ## SASH
                                {"index":21, "x":-20, "y":0, "width":32, "height":32},
                                ## COSTUME_WEAPON
                                {"index":22, "x":-40, "y":20, "width":32, "height":64},
                                ## MOUNT
                                {"index":23, "x":-200, "y":120, "width":32, "height":32},
                                ## LEFT_RING
                                {"index":24, "x":2, "y":105, "width":32, "height":32},
                                ## RIGHT_RING
                                {"index":25, "x":75, "y":105, "width":32, "height":32},
                                ## BELT
                                {"index":26, "x":39, "y":106, "width":32, "height":32},


And here is some pics







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