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Europe2 - Feel The Difference | International | 06.06.2020

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In Update 1.1 we made next changes:

  • Fixed upgrade rates of some Items!
  • Incresed drop of battle chest and reading chest!
  • Added Lycan's Weapon into Death Reaper chest!
  • Increased drop rate of level 30 weapons!
  • Increased 60 level Helmets drops!
  • Added Lycan armour's into Metin stones!
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In Update 1.2 we made next changes:

  • Starter Set Crafting added into Jack Pumpkin NPC!
  • Trade Book's System fully reworked!
  • Increased drop of Azrael Chest to 100% !
  • Drop of SASHE'S Reduced!
  • Now +5 Stone crafting is bit easier!
  • Spider Barones HP and Regeneration reduced !
  • Spider Barones Drop is completly changed !
  • Tugyi's Tablet drop is increased !
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V 1.3

  • Switchbot added you can use by click X key!
  • Magic Stone drop from everywhere is increased!
  • Spider Barones power reduced by 50%!
  • Gaya craft succes rate increased by 15%!
  • Gaya Market prices decreased!
  • Aniversary system reworked now 50 An.points for 1 Coin!
  • Experience Ring drop reduced!
  • Red Dragon drop of belts and other stuff increased!
  •  Level 30 Weapons added in Weapon Shop Dealer!
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