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Some old quests don't have (lua/quest) files. They have only object files. If you use make.sh, they will disappear.

Other reason, I don't like use make.sh every time for one quest.

Maybe someone wants to use it.


  1. Put qdel to game/share/locale/xx
  2. Set permissions to 777
  3. ./qdel questname
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I agree with @martysama0134 
Anyway, there is one more way you can delete those files.


find -- walk a file hierarchy

find /usr/game/share/locale/germany/quest/object -name 'Tempel_of_dragon*'

(Finding&printing out everything related to "Tempel_of_dragon" (quest_state))


find /usr/game/share/locale/germany/quest/object -name 'Tempel_of_dragon*' -delete

(deleting everything related to "Tempel_of_dragon" (quest_state))



As long as I'll be a threat for you , i will always be your target :3

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