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www Website and WWW Panel as well as LUA services

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Hello, I have many services for sale



Page with functions

  • Logging in using discord, facebook and other media.
  • Creating a character via www and deleting it using a mail token (not a pin)
  • Shopping via the website (IS)
  • Two command systems, for partner and for player
  • A system of comments, news and information about the character
  • 16 language system (very easy to add a new one, translation based on AI)

The system is heavily objects along with a simple template system

The demo can be seen here (Still ongoing) atonis.pl














The system is very extensive so most people may not be able to afford it. The price starts from 100 euros (Choose yourself what you need, the system works on the principle of plugins so no problem)



Web panel with modification of the C ++ code.
Everything is on MySQL

  1. Turn on / off the server along with the individual channel
  2. Browse syserr / syslog
  3. Many new tester (C ++) commands with a list of generated maps for him (Godmode, spawn items, change of class, gender, kingdom, everything needed for server testing)
  4. Checkpoint system, i.e. a list of mobs, items, bosses and all other things that are on the server (so you won't miss anything and forget about anything, e.g. no barefoot on the orc valley)
  5. List of items and mobs (along with editing languages, statistics, improvements, bonuses, etc.)
  6. Upgrade system, create upgrades for items
  7. System cube, create new improvements (everything on autocomplete, just item name not ID)
  8. Drop editing system from mobs and caskets
  9. Editing a group of mobs and a graphic interface with easy mobs placement
  10. Edition of NPC stores (FIX C ++)
  11. Automatic generation of x y atlas info (based on the map name and its size, you no longer have to worry about bad map regeneration. Everything is full automatic)
  12. Flag calculator, list of banned words etc.
  13. Local file editing, editor (like visual studio) for quests, autocomplete, automatic functions etc.
  14. System for generating 2D windows in python (easier to create GUI)

The system has many other functions that I forgot, this is the year of my work (I needed a new function every week). Thanks to this panel you don't have to be familiar with files, you can give it to someone who knows the economy and will do everything easily without spoiling anything.












The system contains a lot of PHP, JS, C ++ and bash code.


Price: 3000 euros


A tool to combine two databases into one


Support table:

player_gift (option system)
player_shop_items (option system)

The system transfers all data from one existing database to another creating a new autoinclement. There are many problems here, the script does everything automatically.


Price 250 euro




I have a lot of quests, I rewrote everything with new lua functions.


  1. Dungeon system, the ability to return after exiting up to 5 minutes, solo mode, party mode, guild mode, waiting mode (as in DT).
    The system is very friendly, it can be easily expanded on the board. Price: 150 euros + negotiable per map.
  2. Mount system, the possibility of their expansion, development. (New, well-selling items in IS) Price: 200 euros https://atonis.pl/pl/Encyclopedia/Mounts#subNav
  3. New skill system from G1 to P. Price: 100 euros https://atonis.pl/pl/Encyclopedia/Skills#subNav
  4. New wedding system (same-sex marriage option). Price: 50 euros
  5. Access to the map for a limited time using a pass. (Something like a mine) Price 20 euros
  6. Mission to metin stones. Break the stones and you'll get strong for metiny. (LUA + C ++) Price: 80 euros
  7. Biologist fully based on an array (No editing in the game code. Price: 80 euros

I have many more quests. I am trying to create / improve functions in C ++ rather than pointlessly writing code in LUA.




I have a launcher on the full REST API.
1.) Uploading is done before starting the system which will automatically compare your files on the disk with the server and automatically upload a new update (You do not have to do anything, for this it stores a backup in the package)
2.) The system can be integrated with amazon, google cdn and other CDN
3.) The system has a webtorrent
Fingerprint (Ban for motherboard)
m2bob detection system

Price 500 euro

My github, I will often upload cool systems for free. You can watch me.


Discrod: Alerin#5559


I also work as a programmer for hours, I can create everything you need.
Main stack:
PHP, JS (node, react etc.), SQL
I can use in:
C ++, Python,  LUA, IOS Applications, Android
If you pay, I can learn even assembler



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Got his lua services. Very good code and no problems at all.
100% recommended!
Good lucky mate, I'm sure you will give value for the community.

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Posted (edited)

I dont use his services, but i recommend them.

Why? He really knows what hes doing, i asked him to help me with a c++ function that i couldnt find a solution for, and he was able to give me pretty good answer.

Even through i didint know him well enough, i was amazed at how much patience he had with me when i asked him for help.


Thanks again and good luck :)

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