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[Warning] Scam attempts on my name

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not the first time some people tell me this, but its too ridiculous now.


The following person is pretending to be me to sell clientside protections and so on. He contacts server owners (portugal / brazil as far as i know) and tell them he analysed the server and found exploits.

Scammer Discord: XEN0N.#4640
Scammer steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/xen0nncsgo/


Image (pt language. The black square contained my website which the scammer claimed it was his [i know where to send the bills now]):




  • I dont know that wannabe
  • I do NOT do any metin2 services
  • I will never contact you whatsover regarding metin2
  • My ONLY discord is: TMoore#1156  . I do not use skype for years and will also not log it and message you whatsover.



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