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Problem with Private Shop (Not Offline)


Version of Files XXX

Hello Metin2Dev,


I have this problem with the normal Private Shop, not the Offline one.

The problem is, when i make a Shop and put one item over there, and someone wants  to buy that repective item, he can click it and everything but when he click on ”you want to buy, yes/no” if he clicks yes nothing happens , if he clicks no , nothing happens but whatever he presses , he remains blocked on ”you want to buy, yes/no” window. So basicaly he can t buy something from my shop..

I don t have nothing on my syserr when i do that thing.

If someone knows the problem, please help me :) 


If i have to reinstall the ”shop” thing and someone knows how, please :) i m waiting , thanks .

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Yea , i checked right now, thank you but maybe you know from where does it come this problem? look here my syserr:


0525 02:08:59143 ::   File "ui.py", line 1357, in CallEvent

0525 02:08:59143 ::   File "uiShop.py", line 350, in <lambda>

0525 02:08:59144 :: TypeError
0525 02:08:59144 :: : 
0525 02:08:59144 :: AnswerBuyItem() takes exactly 3 arguments (2 given)
0525 02:08:59144 :: 

0525 02:08:00281 :: Traceback (most recent call last):

0525 02:08:00281 ::   File "ui.py", line 1357, in CallEvent

0525 02:08:00281 ::   File "uiShop.py", line 350, in <lambda>

0525 02:08:00282 :: TypeError
0525 02:08:00282 :: : 
0525 02:08:00282 :: AnswerBuyItem() takes exactly 3 arguments (2 given)
0525 02:08:00282 :: 



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could you search "AnswerBuyItem" in the whole file?
and post here a screen in every result found for that word

or if u prefer you could use pastebin rather than a screen.


My youtube channel  on which you can see my works here

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Thank you, the problem was on


    def AnswerBuyItem(self, flag):

        if flag:
            pos = self.itemBuyQuestionDialog.pos

        self.itemBuyQuestionDialog = None

this is the ok version for others with this problem.


Problem resolved.

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