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open Critical and penetration in skills


Hello M2Dev :)


I would like to know how critical and penetration works on skills. Is possible to get  the 100% avg?


At the moment Im playing in a pvp server and I use dragon shaman with full int/crit in my set, normal bonuses, 6/7 bonuses, alchemy, and food/potions.


In this metin2 server, we have a panel where we can observe the % critical and penetration always. I play with 275% or 265% if I use christal power(10%) in bad order.


When I fight with other ppl, I observe less critical skills than In my personal tests against secondary characters.


Does penetration need more than 100% too in order to perform 100% real penetrate skills?


Thanks, Sincerly,


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bool CHARACTER::Damage(LPCHARACTER pAttacker, int dam, EDamageType type)
                //OLD YMIR CALCULATION
                if (iCriticalPct >= 10)
                    iCriticalPct = 5 + (iCriticalPct - 10) / 4;
                    iCriticalPct /= 2;

                iCriticalPct -= GetPoint(POINT_RESIST_CRITICAL);

                if (number(1, 100) <= iCriticalPct)
                    IsCritical = true;
                    dam *= 2;


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Hi Weed,


First of all thanks for sharing that code.


Then if I did it well, 275% critical would be:


275 = 5 + (275 - 10) /4 = 71,25% 


Could pls confirm that?


Do you know guys examples of items / bonuses with that crit resistance in game?


Best regards!


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