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Can't see new objects in world editor



Posted (edited)

Version of Files XXX

Hey hope u all fine. 


A few days ago I started looking for information on map models. I found the world editor, 3d max for meshes, everything good. The first thing I tried was to create my own model, to know if I was doing the process correctly or not. I took a .gr2 file from a metin2 client, I used the granny to mesh converter and it worked perfectly. After that, I used 3dmax 2007 with the necessary settings to duplicate the object (just an example), then extracted it back to the gr2 extension thanks to the exporter plugin.


Nothing wrong at the moment. I tried then to view the model with "Granny viewer" it worked.

Img granny viewer


there we go, its working i thought. Nope.
When I used the world editor I opened a map and looked for the new gr2 object, the program doesn't load the object.

img with world editor


I see the new objetc i the task menu, but if i select it, i dont see anything. I tryed to use a default gr2 object, and i can see it withour problems but not with the gr2 object i did. 

Any idea?

Thanks, Sincerly,
[[ joseanse ]]




Edit1: I solved it by changing my 3d version. 




Edited by joseanse
i got it. (see edit history)
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