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[C++][Lua] A function that assumes items and a start game

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Posted (edited)

Receive items the first time you log in to the server.
Contains the lua function in C ++ and the quest.
This function allows you to receive the item and put it on. If you want to use it elsewhere, remember to check if the user has the equipment on.


I do quests at a good price. I invite you :)




local item = {
  ['all'] = {  -- Items for everyone
    {ITEM_ID, COUNT}, -- count OR "EQ" If I give EQ, the item will be put on the character
  [1] = {       -- Warrior
    {ITEM_ID, ITEM_ID},   -- Put on
    {ITEM_ID, ITEM_ID}    -- Equipment
  [2] = {       -- Ninja
    {ITEM_ID, ITEM_ID},   -- Put on
    {ITEM_ID, ITEM_ID}    -- Equipment
  [3] = {       -- Sura
    {ITEM_ID, ITEM_ID},   -- Put on
    {ITEM_ID, ITEM_ID}    -- Equipment
  [4] = {       -- Shaman
    {ITEM_ID, ITEM_ID},   -- Put on
    {ITEM_ID, ITEM_ID}    -- Equipment

Also you can add

ds.give_qualification()     -- Alchemy
horse.set_level(1)          -- Horse level
pc.set_skill_level(122, 2)  -- Gives 2 combos
pc.set_skill_level(131, 10) -- Summon a horse


chat("Have a nice game!")
Edited by Alerin (see edit history)
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