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'str' object is not callable



Version of Files XXX

Hi dear community, i have a weired error.

I'm trying to add the dragon soul set on my server, but when i add the affect part (When i complete all the slot of the dragon soul and press the button "Active" in game) i got this error:


0520 15:19:42226 :: Traceback (most recent call last):

0520 15:19:42226 ::   File "game.py", line 887, in BINARY_NEW_AddAffect

0520 15:19:42226 ::   File "uiAffectShower.py", line 558, in BINARY_NEW_AddAffect

0520 15:19:42226 :: TypeError
0520 15:19:42226 :: : 
0520 15:19:42226 :: 'str' object is not callable
0520 15:19:42226 :: 




Line 558 of uiAffectShower.py:


			except Exception, e:
				print "except Aff auto potion affect ", e

			if affect != chr.NEW_AFFECT_AUTO_SP_RECOVERY and affect != chr.NEW_AFFECT_AUTO_HP_RECOVERY and not self.AFFECT_PET_DATA_DICT.has_key(affect):
				description = description(float(value))




What is wrong?  thanks in advance for who try to help me.


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Where the hell should we know how the code looks like what you are trying to add?

description = description(float(value))

But.. This code expects a variable in the description of the affect. Which means if the description of the affect supposed to print out the value then you have to set the SA as the 3rd token, otherwise SNA must be there. But to figure out which affect number generates this error, you need to debug it, or print the affect number out when the error occurs.

If this system has a new affect and its description is like this:


You need to add SNA:



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