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Character under ground skipia dungeon



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+One mention: Since Ymir never overwrited the files as i mentioned, the Index file in your pack folder is very important. If an older file is in the top of your index file, that can cause problems. So when you compare your client with a working one, check the Index file too.


Your problem is height, so either the objects itself (+mdatr) or mapname/0x/attr.atr will be the problem. But the best way is checking a working client and copy+paste everything related with skipia. (map folder, property, zone, season-x)

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It is because skipia dungeons got a renewal in several time, there are 3 or 4 apperance.

Ymir never overwrite the files, they added in patchs like patch2 and seasonx.eix-epk.


If you delete some, you make it buggy like your picture.

Your best choice is fully extract a client (ex: Sanchez 2014 client from this forum) and yours, and copy every single file related to skipia dungeon, even check atlasinfo because sometimes the skipia dungeon was in season files and it must be marked at atlasinfo.


I just googled some skipia dungeon (boss room)


Oldest: with "no color" and straight dragon neck animation.


Newer: It is blue-ish


Newest: It is yellow-purple-ish



The sub versions got somtimes a refresh because there were some problems with the little blue crystals for example.


Hope you can make your works, i remember at 2012 i had the blue version, and i wanted the newest and it took me 1-2 hours to figure out :D

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