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Saltanat MT2 EXP rate 900 Easy Game

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Saltanat MT2 Metin2 game and also taste this game. Saltanat MT2 pvp server has been with you for years ..

EXP rate 900%
Yang rate: 200%

Saltanat MT2 is an unedited server.
Our online player numbers change throughout the day. We have an audience ranging from 3000 to 25000.
If you are going to play Metin2 pvp server, you should definitely try Saltanate.

Our Metin2 pvp server has been open for many years, friends. We have many innovations. You should definitely see our server.
The problem of not coming to the inventory when trying to put an item from the warehouse to the trading bag has been fixed.

Optimization work has been done for the war. Turn on the performance mode and turn off the names. Throw characters and re-enter the game.
Minator King woke up. The Three Ancient Empires must fight the warriors of the Minator King on the cursed island. The successes you will achieve in this struggle will strengthen you and you will eventually be able to fight for the Minator King. Many gifts from the Lord of the Dragon will be waiting for you.


More REgister: https://www.saltanatmt2.com.tr 



Saltanatmt2 Pvp Server

More images metin2 pvp serverler

Saltanat metin2 pvp serverler


Saltanat mt2

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