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Snappy crypt/decrypt source side

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Hello, today is MCSP release date. Have fun.

Some notes, if you like to implement new algorithms:

Open CryptAlgorithms.h and define a new class with new stuff, like I did with LZO and Snappy.

Make sure to modify Crypt.h "enum class CryptationTypes"


Last version: Update6




Oh btw, you need to add Snappy in your Extern.


How you may ask?

Download https://github.com/google/snappy

Install https://cmake.org/download/

Use cmake-gui to generate stuff, open snappy.sln and build it in release.

Copy the .h files inside a newly created "snappy" folder in Extern/iniclude

Go to (cmake build folder)/Release and copy your snappy.lib into Extern/lib

If you use the vcpkg method: vcpkg install snappy:x86-windows-static




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Update6 (see edit history)
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#Update as @Karbustpointed out, the tutorial was missing two lines in PythonNonPlayer.cpp and ItemManager.cpp make sure to download the new 7z file that contains the update.


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Great system. Is it intended?

GameLib -> ItemManager.cpp

if (!CCrypt::Instance().Decompress(zObj, pbData, CryptationTypes::LZO, s_adwItemProtoKey))

change to 

if (!CCrypt::Instance().Decompress(zObj, pbData, types, s_adwItemProtoKey))


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