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Using this little snippet you will suddenly become immune against m2bob. You don't need anything special, just copy this code anywhere and start it as a thread (code included). Pretty interesting that you don't need any ExitProcess or similar ;)


Step 1:

Copy this code to UserMain.cpp

    MSG msg;
    HWND window = CreateWindowExA(0, "#32769", "Client protected by Process Hacker from m2dev", WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW, 0, 0, 42, 42, nullptr, nullptr, GetModuleHandle(0), nullptr);

    if (window)
        // Hide is the default, but let's just make sure
        ShowWindow(window, SW_HIDE);

        while (GetMessage(&msg, nullptr, 0, 0))

    return 0xDEADBABE;

Step 2:

Now call this thread from anywhere in your code

CreateThread(nullptr, 0, &FunWithBob, nullptr, 0, nullptr);


Step 3:

Your are protected. Have fun :D


This is a pretty weak method and - I think - is going to be patched soon, but it's still a funny way and pretty useful while m2bob coder is not fixing it.

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