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anticheat [Protection] HackTrap Premium Anticheat service

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Hey guys!


I'd like to introduce my anti-cheat system which has been running for some time with a few customers - now I'd like to expand it to different countries as well :)

The codebase is pretty clean, it's regulary tested for performance and stability, so it's guaranteed you won't have issues with the system after integrating it.


The most important things to mention:

  • I'm constantly updating the anticheat, so every time a hack updates, I'll take care of it. The monthly price obviously includes every update. I'm also updating my detection methods if cheat authors aren't yet active :) 
  • If someone finds a method to bypass my anticheat, I'll take care of the update.
  • Nothing external website dependecy, it's completely independent from any of my domain. Even licensing works in a way which does NOT require my confirmal, but still very secure.

This is why it's a monthly paid service. I'm taking support & update tasks very seriously.


[TLDR;] What does HackTrap provide?

  • Protection against all current major cheat providers, obviously including m2bob & lalaker (continously updating detection methods!)
  • SDK to integrate server-client communication between the anticheat and the server, so it's ensured that anticheat MUST be running.
  • Some generic protection against unknown cheats & unwanted hacktools.
  • Forbid launching the game directly without using patcher.
  • Advanced logging in case if any issue happens, so I'm able to investigate any case.
  • Independent from ANY EXTERNAL website.
  • Advanced licensing system, which prevents other servers from stealing your anticheat/license.
  • Completely anonymous telemetry data about your players (OS version, country, most often tried hacks) (GDPR-Wise, NOTHING personal is stored!) 
  • Considering to add any customer-requested features


What isn't HackTrap trying to be?

A world-grade perfect anticheat protection against literally every hacker and more. If you want so, try to buy EAC, HackShield and others.



Each server is priced individually, if you're interested, please DM me. Price is paid MONTHLY, but you can obviously choose to pay more than a single month, so you have to pay less frequently.

If requested, a trial month is available.


Why the monthly price?

Because as I mentioned - I'm constantly updating the anticheat. As soon as there's any public method which is able to bypass my anticheat, I'll take care of it. So, you're actually paying for the support & updates, which I'm monthly spending on my product.


Where to contact me?

If you're looking for a price estimation, I'll need you to fill a form first, so I know a few important details. You can find it here: https://forms.gle/FWcsCjXN4moXGceh7

  • Discord: Unc3nZureD#9313
  • Or you can just PM me here, on forum.


Feel free to ask any question.

Thanks for reading!

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Recommended. Trustful person, professional code left behind. The best anti cheat system so far.

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Posted (edited)

I know him for 10+ years now, we've started to learn programming kinda at the same time. He has been working on anticheat solutions for 5+ years now, restarted his projects multiple times, and finally HackTrap appears to be a fine-grained result to all his work. I was also the first customer of HackTrap (and still using it), and nobody managed to fix any bot/hack on my server so far. You should also search for "HackTrap" on the bob forum to see slait's reactions, at least for a good laugh.

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so hot recommendations, you're winner :D

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Absolutely recommended! We know each other for years now, he is a professional developer, and a really trustful person.

I was testing his anti-cheat system, and it's insanely good - stable, doesn't eat resources like crazy, and you can count on it in every way.

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I had a talk with the developer and i can guarantee this is the best 'anticheat' you can ever find for sale at this point, I'm saying this from my FOV as an EX Cheat developer. He is clearly knowing what his stuff is up to and what he's doing.

2 hours ago, xxxEroSxxx said:

No i just register to prvide some un... sevices in this section but forum policy ..



hard to say, get bored checking



You discovered how to use a debugger, damn that's nice. However you are not even a step into breaking over it and there is still stuff to do.

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5 hours ago, HITRON said:

Sounds good, is preventing hooks, debuggers, memory read, injections too?


It does detect debuggers, injection, it prevents some of the most important hooks. Atm it does not prevent memory read, because that's one of the hardest thing to achieve in user-level, but I've got some beta features under testing which will protect against that.





Also reflecting to the IDA picture. Thanks for trying, obviously attaching to the anticheat at a single moment or running for a very short period time, it's possible to debug. Try to run it longer, like you were into debugging something ;) Also I have to say that it's NOT impossible to debug my anticheat. I'm trying to make hackmakers life harder.


@witcher Thank you for the good words.




The strongest part of my anticheat is that it's constantly under development and updated as soon as someone tries to release some cheat, so your server is protected against mass hacks. There are always going to be very experienced hackers who can bypass things, as well as it's possible to bypass EAC, BattleEye, Warden and others.


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Topic cleaned.

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