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FreeBSD 12.1 source problem



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Version of Files : 40k

I've got the problem that my source works on 11.3 32/64bit flawless, but when it comes to FreeBSD 12.0/12.1 my generated game/db file wont work.

I can compile the game/db without problems but it crashes when i want to start it, hopefully someone got a solution for this.

A compiled file from 11.3 works on 12.1


lldb output:




May 15 16:27:06 :: connecting to MySQL server (player)
May 15 16:27:06 :: CREATING DIRECT_SQL
May 15 16:27:06 :: AsyncSQL: locale latin1



The syserr is clean.

I already tryed to check the Changelogs from FreeBSD 11.3 to 12.0 but I cant find something that could be the fault.


Edit: also tryed to upgrade to G++9 and C++2a, but no success.

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Try adding -fno-stack-protector to compilation flags.

You may as well check for linked libs if any of them can be the reason of the stack protector to kick in.

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i'm using a libc.a from FreeBSD 11.3 for compiling and then i switch back to the old one, after compiling for now.

have to static link the older version of the libc, so that i dont have to replace it on a 12.0+ machine

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