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Error by starting the dungeon





i have a problem with my run. When i want to warp to the map i got this error:

HandleEvent: QUEST There's suspended quest state, can't run new quest state (quest: QUEST_CHAT_TEMP_QUEST pc: ViDi)


i hope someone can help me.



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I'm not allowed to show you the hole quest but i can show you the part where i want to warp to it:

when 20381.chat."EoS Run" begin
			if pc.is_gm() then return pc.setqf("eos_run_delay", 0) end
			say("Was möchtest du  tun?")
			local sel = select("EoS Run starten", "Informationen", "Abbrechen")
			if sel == 3 then
			elseif sel == 2 then
				say("Infotext 1")
				say("Infotext 2")
				select("Alles klar!")
			elseif sel == 1 then
				if not party.is_party() then setskin(NOWINDOW) return chat("Du bist in keiner Gruppe!") end
				if not party.is_leader() then setskin(NOWINDOW) return chat("Du bist nicht der Ersteller der Gruppe!") end
				if party.get_near_count() < eos.min_group_member then setskin(NOWINDOW) return chat("Es sind nicht genug Leute in der Gruppe!") end
				if pc.get_level() < eos.min_group_leader_level then setskin(NOWINDOW) return chat("Dein Level ist zu niedrig!")  end
				if get_time() > pc.getqf("eos_run_delay") then setskin(NOWINDOW) return chat("DU kannst den Run jetzt noch nicht wieder machen.") end
				say("Bist du dir sicher das deine Gruppe stark")
				say("genug ist, um den Run zu meistern?")
				if select("Ja!", "Nein...") == 2 then return end
				d.new_jump_party(eos.map_index, 10172, 10640)
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