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Special Storage Stone&Alchemist




Hey , do someone have a function for Special storage (Stone inventory)  to stone +0 +1 +2 can be read by Alchemist for Ore refine?


i tryed so but doens't work:

	int pc_ore_refine(lua_State* L)
		if (!lua_isnumber(L, 1))
			lua_pushboolean(L, 0);
			return 1;

		int cost = (int) lua_tonumber(L, 1);
		int pct = (int)lua_tonumber(L, 2);
		int metinstone_cell = (int)lua_tonumber(L, 3);

		LPCHARACTER ch = CQuestManager::instance().GetCurrentCharacterPtr();
		LPCHARACTER npc = CQuestManager::instance().GetCurrentNPCCharacterPtr();
		LPITEM item = CQuestManager::instance().GetCurrentItem();
		LPITEM metinstone_item = ch->GetStoneInventoryItem(metinstone_cell);
		LPITEM metinstone_item = ch->GetInventoryItem(metinstone_cell);

		if (item && metinstone_item)
			lua_pushboolean(L, mining::OreRefine(ch, npc, item, cost, pct, metinstone_item));
			lua_pushboolean(L, 0);

		return 1;


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