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Chromium Embedded Framework as replacement of CWebBrowser



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Recently I was thinking about alternatives to CWebBrowser in client binary. There is requirement in my current project to display web-pages which are modern heavy JavaScript types one. Based on my experience I can tell that,  CWebBrowser is not able to handle rendering of modern websites. As alternative I found Chromium Embedded Framework and it seems like reasonable choose. Before I start any work I want to know your opinion guys.


1. Question :

How would you handle displaying modern  websites in Client? Maybe there is some python based solution I don't know about, or c++ based? Or there is possible to fix current CWebBrowser solution?



I am really curious about your ideas.


Thanks, Sincerly,


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41 minutes ago, Johnny69 said:

Chromium documentation and source are public and is not that hard to implement it, if I have time in the next day i will post a tutorial.

It doesn't look very straightforward for me. I would be very grateful if you would post tutorial specific to mt binary.

For example I've looked at CEF documentaiton and I have many questions. Like when I should create instance of browser. In documentation it says a lot about how many processess, and resources it needs, so probably I need to create instance only when player wants to use this feature and destroy instance when player finished?. Should I create another thread to run this? How to communicate with this thread - using some kind of mutexes? What If i want reload page, or go back one page in history. Probably version with dll is better than static compilation, which other dlls I need to put in my client?

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In chromium WebAssembly and WebGL is supported. Tell me guys. Do you think because of WebAssembly and WebGL support there is possibility to create Mini games in other game engines like Godot and run this in mt2 client? I think even with javascript there is possibility to create some mini game

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Implementing CEF to the binary source is not that hard, if you look at the documents mentioned above you can easily follow up the examples that are already included in some of the CEF repositories, with this you can understand how CEF works and then start to integrate it in your binary.

Here are also some useful links,




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