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Source problems after upgrade!!!



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Hey Metin2dev


We have upgraded the source so that i can compile it in Upper newest version of Freebsd 12.1 32 bits but  i got this error 


When i put the "game" and "db" in my files on VPS Freebsd 12.1 64 bits  it`s giving me this error 

ld-elf32.so.1: Shared object "libcryptopp.so.8" not found, required by "game"


I already Run  " pkg install cryptopp " and still same error 


2nd , I upload my serverfiles on Freebsd 12.1 32 bits and i got  " game.core" in  cd / usr/game/Auth 

and after do gdb i got this on Core 




When i try to Login in my server still here 





My  " db" and "game " Compile fine but i got those  errors


Thanks for u help please 

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" Don`t pretend things change if you always do the same thing"

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Solved please closed 

" Don`t pretend things change if you always do the same thing"

"Don`t give up on a dream for how long it will take, time will pass the same"

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1st make sure you always use the correct libraries. Your dev system is freebsd 12.1 32 bit, your production enviroment is 12.1 64 bit. If you install cryptopp via pkg on your production system you'll also get the 64 bit libraries, NOT 32 bit. Your 32 bit application cannot use these libraries.

2nd I highly recommend you using rpath as a linker option to specify a directory where you load your libraries from (e. g. /usr/local32/metin2).

3rd After building your game db, run ldd for both of them. Doing so will reveal all the locations of your libraries on the dev system. You can just download and upload them on your production server in the correct direcoty (see rpath).

4th Your game won't start without the correct libs to load. Obviously you cannot login if the server doesn't even start

5th Your problem may have occured now due to the fact that your libs have changed after upgrading. Remember: always keep the libs you need in sync.


Not to mention: DO NOT OVERWRITE LIBS. Make sure you have a special directory (see above rpath) and do not overwrite system libraries.



And finally 6th: If you solved your issue, post a solution for other members. Don't be selfish.

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