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Kick after selecting character



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Version of Files : 40k source




So if a metin2 server's machine have an internal ip like 192.168... or 10.x... (so it is behind a router) anyone outside that local network will be "kicked" after selecting the character. (Why? because the server will give his internal ip to the client instead of his public ip.)


There is this tutorial: 

Does it works? I rather say it work -ish :D

The game acts very weird, sometimes doesn't works at all, sometimes works after it push some "connection refused".


So what i want to do instead is, to make the changes at clientside (source) like the old "Sura head MC starter" did.



About 5 years ago a guy gave me a client modification tutorial at skype, what worked.

It was short but i can't remember where and what, and since it was in skype, i can't see it anymore.


So if someone know the modification, can you please share with me? Thank you in advance :)

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I think the problem is from sv side not from client side, please what says syslog after kick?

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Posted (edited)

Please read the topic again, there is no problem actually, it's a normal behavior on home-root test servers since the server have an internal ip.

But if the client connects to the public ip, it can work. That is what that sura starter did, and that is what i'm looking for.

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I don't have any issues with internal and public ip.

I don't changed nothing on client side and i don't use sura starter bla bla.

I edited the sv side to get the right ip, that's all.

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Posted (edited)

"I edited the sv side to get the right ip, that's all."

So you did something similar to that tutorial i mentioned.

But the ip can set in the client side too somewhere and then the server can work with his internal ip.


I want to leave the svside alone with his internal ip, i just want to set in clientside since it's just a test server.

The live server will not have internal ip so it will work without any modification, that's why i want to set in clientside until it's a test.

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you followed that tutorial ? You changed public ip with internal ip (

46 minutes ago, TMP4 said:

ip like 192.168... or 10.x...


You get kicked by server because map location inserted an wrong ip(maybe public ip and you use internal ip). This is the reason in my opinion.

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Posted (edited)

Ah bro...


My problem with that tutorial is that the server get instabil, because it will communicate with public ip inside too while it have internal ip.

(So the internal communications will flow to the router and flow back)

But when it starts, it works, no kicks.


But since we can make the changes in clientside too (like the old "sura head mc" starter did) it would be a better solution for me.

I only need these changes temporary while i run it in virtualbox. After these changes not needed.


Hope you now understand me.


Also i think it's just one line modificaiton in clientside :D But i can't remember where.

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Posted (edited)

Type it in google:

[Release] 2010 / 2011 MC "sura" V2 100% Working all servers


I can't provide direct link because of the rules but it will be the first hit in google.

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