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Last changes:

Warp ring text changed (Some maps can support teleportation in the Middle of the map, on the ring was 'End' instead of 'Middle').
Horse fixed and a little bit changed like: You have to wait 5 minutes to get Pony.
Horse missions text changed (some missions display wrong waiting time, that can trick players, now all waiting time between missions is 1 hour).
His Daughtes Wedding mission fixed (Cursed Wild Boar does not exist in Guild maps, so been replaced with Cursed Red Wild Boar as requirement).
VIP system has been implemented (for near future update).
Guisarme have the correct name now (was Gisarme).
OX event prepared with questions for (near future) using as event.
The game client been updated - more secured (need full client download because we have changed the download server).



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Posted (edited)

Last Changes:
- This main quests has been removed (lvl 90, lvl 91, lvl 92, lvl 93, lvl 94, lvl 95, lvl 96, lvl 97, lvl 98).
- All main quests has been fixed.
- Spirit Stone has been fixed, you can upgrade your skills now from G1 to P.
- Deamon Tower regen fixed at floor 4. 

Edited by Dogariu Ionuț Gabriel (see edit history)
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Today i have worked with a developer for implement New Offline Shop System, players can open maximum two offline shops / character.

  • A player can open maximum two offline shops / character.
  • You can edit price/add/remove items from offline shop.
  • You can withdraw your earned Yang after sale of objects from offline shop.
  • You can edit the time of offline shop, also can edit the name of the shop.
  • After seen a player's offline shop, the color will change - easy when you searching on them.
  • You can close a offline shop and withdraw unsolded objects and reamaining yang after sale (if applicable).
  • Offline Shop can be opened in any kingdom.

This system was purchased from donations and i have to thank you all for supporting this community and it's contigous developing.

Also i have a good news for all of you, Change Channel is also available from today!

The server will be under maintenance for about 15 minutes due New Offline Shop feature update.
If you have any problem/suggestion/question about this system please contact me or open a new topic on forum.

All the best!

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Today i have implemented Powered Mount System.
To make a mount you will need:

  • bd9S0hW.pngLion Certificate.
  • bd9S0hW.pngTiger Certificate. 
  • bd9S0hW.pngWild Boar Certificate.
  • bd9S0hW.pngWolf Certificate.
    For mount evolution:
  • H5mZFGv.pngScroll of Evolution.
  • ZV2aNuA.pngScroll of Mutation.

[Q]Where do i obtain Certificate or Scroll from?

  • There are three type of mount:
  • UoAepZu.pngYoung Seal.
  • 4inQcGX.pngWild Seal.
  • Bg6enLe.pngValiant Seal.

How is it works?

  1. Get a bd9S0hW.pngCertificate and go to Stableboy (Get a mount with certificate.), he will give you a option to choose a bonus (Strong aganist monsters, Experience, Vitality (PV), Defence (DEX) or Power of attack, after you will choose a bonus you will recive UoAepZu.pngYoung Seal (mount I valid for 7 days, cannot attack) and the bd9S0hW.pngCertificate will be removed.
  2. With a H5mZFGv.pngScroll of Evolution and UoAepZu.pngYoung Seal go to Stableboy (put the Seal on him) to upgrade your mount to level II - 14 days, bonus increased and can attack, H5mZFGv.pngScroll of Evolution and UoAepZu.pngYoung Seal will be removed and you'll recive 4inQcGX.pngWild Seal.
  3. With a ZV2aNuA.pngScroll of Mutation and 4inQcGX.pngWild Seal go to Stableboy (put the Seal on him) to upgrade your mount to level III - 30 days, bonus increased and can attack, ZV2aNuA.pngScroll of Mutation and 4inQcGX.pngWild Seal will be removed and you'll recive Bg6enLe.pngValiant Seal.

This event is active for 2 hours, i will make a event calendar and publish it soon to stay updated with the event time and day/date.


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Hello Ancients!

You have the possibility to win 300 / 200 or 100 Dragon Coins in this GIVEAWAY ending on 31.05.2020!

All you have to do is reply to this (link) topic with a number in ascendig order than the user above you (example 1, 2, 3, etc.), the winner will be choosen by www.random.org at the ending of the giveaway.

After randomize, the Dragon Coins will be given by this rule:
First number extracted: 300 Dragon Coins.
Second number extracted: 200 Dragon Coins.
Third number extracted: 100 Dragon Coins.

Best of luck!

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Posted (edited)

Last changes:

1) The fisherman was slightly improved, he received a little protection against the famous fishboot hack.

2) The bug in the DT for the keys has been fixed ... from now on you can do the DT because there will be no more problems.

3) In v3, the dmg of the 10k mobiles has been fixed, they now have normal dmg.

4) Map1 (blue, red, yellow) have been slightly arranged, from now on you will find the alchemist near the general store.

5) The energy system was implemented, including the one for making energy fragments. You can find it at the alchemist.

6) When you login for the first time (available for already created characters also), you will get a new mission 'Free Mount', go to Stable Boy and talk with him;

7) A new mount been implemented, available for 14 days.

8 ) Guild comment have now a new layer of protection anti flood.

9) Green/Purple potion can be used now 1 then if you click them a message will display - cannot use until the effect it's done also to avoid accidentally clicks.

10) Clam been removed from Fisherman.

11) Quest loading time is more faster now.

12) From now, all killed mobs will dissapear after 2 seconds to avoid lag while farm or leveling up.

Edited by Dogariu Ionuț Gabriel
Informations updated. (see edit history)
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Hello Ancients!

This summer stay home and play Ancient2, we promise you will never get bored and this event rewards will make you cooler  B-) 

Details about event:
You will need Ice Cream with Syrup ddeIa5e.png x10 (can be obtained from mobs) and you will automatically recive a Power Chest ZRZ0J70.png.

What can you obtain randomly from Power Chest ZRZ0J70.png ? Well, let's find out!
Enchant Item fEibPkI.png x2
Reinforce Item 6r0pQxX.png x1
Blessing Scroll BWJqw15.png x1
Zen Bean yC28o8P.png x2
Blessing Marble 0iRv6nU.png x1
Stone Handbook ZRyonKj.png x1
Khan LkMDdPj.png x1 - Valid for 30 days
Ice Cream FQ0bgRj.png x1
Piercing Strike O4xWxOb.png x1
Critical Strike LBDJbOT.png x1
Dragon God Life yGns4Jx.png x1
Dragon God Attack yGns4Jx.png x1
Dragon God Intelligence yGns4Jx.png x1
Dragon God Defence yGns4Jx.png x1
Desert Warrior (Black, M) YcI78Xl.png x1 - Valid for 30 days
Desert Warrior (Black, F) Yah7nyf.png x1 - Valid for 30 days
Black Turban (M) 7ydh8IT.png x1 - Valid for 30 days
Black Turban (F) eGrNjBk.png x1 - Valid for 30 days
Bernie 71233.png x1 - Valid for 14 days
Red Potion dZKhrpW.png x5
Blue Potion xxVMnMN.png x5

Best regards,

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Last changes:
Fencing Pamphlet is now stackable.
Power Chest is no stackable.

Playtime text changed for a better aspect, instead of xDays xHours xMinutes.


Choose server interface get few colors, for a better design.


Form now you can see game version (number will be increased once we launch a new update, now we run on version 0.0.1).


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Bug fix:
Teleportation ring fixes

  • No more unlimited Next pages
  • Level protection for high level maps to avoid accidental teleportation
  • No more negative count if you just closed a shop and didn't wait 10 seconds
  • Cannot be stored, dropable, stackable, tradeable

Bonus Defence against blackouts (imune bonus) it's working now in duel and aganist monster aswell
If you have Khan in inventory/deposit, only the activated one elapses
Drop fix regarding the Ebony Bracelt and secondary books
Common drop fixed
Client crash fix
Level update in real time fix
Visual bug regarding shop names above head of characters/mob fixed

Special Store is a new NPC 

  • Here you can obtain objects like Enchant Item, Blessing Marble, etc
  • This NPC is part of seasonal events


In the Upgrades window you can obtain items with yang, seeds or fragments.

New items in common drop (this items drop everywhere)

  • Seeds of Blessing Marble for Blessing Marble
  • Fragment Upgrade Blue for Reinforce Item
  • Fragment Upgrade Red for Enchant Item
  • Fragment of Medicine for Blessing of the Dragon

Dose of Pepsi for Pepsi event only, not in common drop.

A new event Doses of Pepsi is active, you collect Doses of Pepsi and exchange them in General Store to buy Ice Cream.
Ice Cream can be spend to buy Khan or Bernie in the same shop.

Changes in Summer event 

  • Ice Cream with Syrup can be used in Special Store to buy Cooling Box
  • 1x Cooling box is 10x Ice Cream with Syrup.



Make sure your client is runing version 0.0.2 for this update, to avoid visual bug and client crash.

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Posted (edited)

Make sure after update your client that the version should to be 0.0.3.

Offline shop fix:
For the moment you can edit your shop without taking off your armor / costume.

Other fix / improvements:
Now you can acces storage by using item shop storage button in inventory.
Global chat / pm normal chat it's working correctly now.
The shout chat will display your kingdom (colored).
Team shout will be known as Team (yellow colorized) then followed by name.
To understeand other kingdoms players you need to read books or wear a Language Ring.
* Language Ring or books can be obtained from drop (books) and Moonlight Treasure Chest.
When you die the skills cooldown time reset to zero.
Alignment for male / female changed (Noble'f / Noble'm).
Leader and Co-Leader for guilds will be available.
Skills fixed when you ride a horse / mount.
When you die the horse won't dissapear.
Now while farming you can see mobs / stones HP in percentage (% left).



Asigurați-vă că, după actualizarea clientului dvs., versiunea clientului trebuie să fie 0.0.3.


Rezolvarea magazinului offline:
Pentru moment poți să îți editezi magazinul fără să-ți dai jos armura / costumul.

Fix-uri / îmbunătățiri:
Acum puteți accesa depozitul folosind butonul de depozit itemshop din inventory.
Chat global / pm chat normal funcționează corect acum.
Chatul ''strigă'' va afișa regatul tău (colorat).
Chatul ''strigă'' al echipei va fi cunoscut sub numele de Team (colorat galben) apoi urmat de nume.
Pentru a înțelege alți jucători de regate, trebuie să citiți cărți sau să purtați un inel de limbă.
* Inelul de limbă sau cărțile pot fi obținute din drop (cărți) și din Moonlight Treasure Chest.
Când mori timpul de folosire a abilitățile este resetat la zero.
Gradul positive / negative pentru bărbat / femeie schimbat (Nobil'f / Nobil'm).
Leader și co-lider pentru bresle înainte numelui breslei este disponibil acum.
Aptitudini (skills) fixate atunci când mergeți pe un cal / mount.
Când mori în luptă călărind, calul nu va mai dispărea.
În timpul farm-ului sau când creșteți, puteți vedea HP-ul pentru mobi / pietre în procent (% rămas).


Edited by Dogariu Ionuț Gabriel (see edit history)
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