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Hello community long time no see.

Some weeks ago i started a project for metin2wiki and i started made it as platform(Im not selling/giving code) that someone will can login/register pay a price per month(not yet) upload all the needed files(item.proto.txt etc etc) and our platform make the wiki for you(we have the hosting and it will be like: www.wiki.com/servername but you can take it as iframe on your site or make your domain point on this). i dont want to be in details for now the reason i made this post is that in some weeks from now i will need some online servers to test my wiki(of course completly free). i dont need access to your database or something like this just .txt files and some dumps from sql files(like refine_proto.sql) here is 1 picture(2 to show the multilanguage).

1 picture 1000 words





This is not a shitty php site. for that one i used JS/NODE/VUE/VEUX/QUASAR. you dont have seen a faster wiki site in your life :P of course no need for a single reload of page ^^. if a server with 50+ online want to join you can add me on discord: Zeke#3984

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1 hour ago, Erebus said:

It sounds neat, but the design still needs some work to it.

Other than that it looks cool!

Yeah there will be a skin system per server for custom designs thats just for a starting version. for the start i dont point at the view but on the code. skins will be better with time ^_^


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