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Sky box button problem



Hello Guys, I have made a button to change sky box, when someone click on that button, it should change the sky boxes but it doesn't work, so can anyone please check what's wrong with that code

Thanks in advance ❤️❤️ 

	def ClickSky(self):
		if constInfo.Night == 0:
			background.RegisterEnvironmentData(1, constInfo.ENVIRONMENT_NIGHT)
			constInfo.Night = 1
		elif constInfo.Night == 2:
			background.RegisterEnvironmentData(2, constInfo.ENVIRONMENT_Skybox4)
			constInfo.Night = 2			
		elif constInfo.Night == 3:
			background.RegisterEnvironmentData(3, constInfo.ENVIRONMENT_Skybox3)
			constInfo.Night = 3
		elif constInfo.Night == 4:
			background.RegisterEnvironmentData(4, constInfo.ENVIRONMENT_Skybox2)
			constInfo.Night = 4
		elif constInfo.Night == 0:
			background.RegisterEnvironmentData(0, constInfo.ENVIRONMENT_Skybox1)
			constInfo.Night = 0
			constInfo.Night = 0


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