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Restrict god blessing from quickslots



Hello , i m trying to restrict the 6 item named "god blessing" from the quick slot
vnum : 71027, 71028, 71029, 71030, 71044, 71045
I m trying to change it in : char_quickslot.cpp

void CHARACTER::ChainQuickslotItem(LPITEM pItem, BYTE bType, BYTE bOldPos)
    if (pItem->IsDragonSoul() || pItem->GetVnum() == 71028 || pItem->GetVnum() == 71029 || pItem->GetVnum() == 71030 || pItem->GetVnum() == 71027 || pItem->GetVnum() == 71045 || pItem->GetVnum() == 71044)

But still no result, i get no error while compiling, but i still can use the items on the quickslot.

Does any1 know how to block using the quickslot after teleport or login? to avoid the usage of bugs like damage bug

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PyObject * itemCanAddToQuickSlotItem(PyObject * poSelf, PyObject * poArgs):

	if (!pItemData)
		return Py_BuildException("Can't find select item data");

	static const auto block = { 71027, 71028, 71029, 71030, 71044, 71045 };
	if (std::find(block.begin(), block.end(), static_cast<decltype(block)::value_type>(pItemData->GetIndex())) != block.end())
		return Py_BuildValue("i", FALSE);


no paid service

use at least c++11 and VS19, otherwise I won't help.

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