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Can't change mob info



Just started experimenting things using a server on hamachi. I can't seem to modify mob names/levels/ranks, only damage/hp. I changed all of these (name etc.) in the database, but only the changes on stats took place. I tried changing the info on the clientside as well, in locale/mob proto using some extracter I found, but when I try to log in the game crashes right after loading screen. So, do I need to change clientside info as well for everything to work? And if so, what am I doing wrong, why does it crash? (Note: changing item names/ stats worked fine, both in database and clientside)

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Yes, you'll need to change the client side as well, and when you open the mob_proto.xml with notepad++, click at the top on the "Enconding", select "Central European", then "Windows-1250", right after this you can modify the xml file right

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Thanks for trying to help. The encoding was fine, apparently the program i used to depack the mob_proto was the problem, probably it was for an older version. I found one that works, so problem solved.

Edit: I don't know how to mark thread as solved.

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