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Greetings from pizzaland, my dudes! ??

I'm "internationally known and locally respected" with the alias of MACRO;
I'm a huge IT fan, I started as a young weirdo stealing old hardware from rubbish dumps at night, then testing the components and assembling the good ones, making "frankenstein-looking-like" home servers to keep my files safe on RAID and do my weirdo stuff (lots of testing and lots of blowing up), closed in my attic at night.
I also offered IT support to my school friends for a little money, using those "reconditioned" components to fix their terminals, that made me save the amount of money I needed to buy me latest generation hardware for my pc as well as a used DELL PowerEdge server (I have a thing for DELL), that made me deeply enthusiast on real server managing stuff, I was fascinated about the virtualization and spent a lot of time playing around with VmWare in order to become familiar with all its potentialities: that made me go "MAMMA MIA!"

I enjoyed Metin2 on my teens, it was a lovely back in time since there wasn't all that "bullshit" that we have today and people was kinda nicer; it was more about chilling around.
I always was a full buff shaman because I'm a comfy one and my role is definetely the supporter.
I remember starting one lame pserver on a "frankenstein-looking-like" machine (closed, just for me and a friend of mine) back in the days, with a .vdi image of the 2011 server files: the "franzi" ones; we played on it for like a year straight every night feeling like two gods in a desert planet: modding items, exploring the maps, duelling, spawning A TON of mobs just to make the thing crash and mainly chatting and enjoying our shiny modded characters: the comfy way you kno!

I'm back as an adult now, I'm a 22yrs old financially stable weirdo living in it's own house; and I'm here because I truly would like to master my knowledge about the managing of both the server side and client side of Metin2 pserver because I'll like to pull out one of my never fulfilled desires: open my own pserver to the public, running on machines I have physical contact with.
My vision about this is a fully clean experience with no bullshit.

I'm not, as we say in Italy: "One that likes the baby food ready"; meaning that I'm not a person who avoids the fatigue and wants all the stuff "ready to eat", like a baby.
If the effort is related to a personal archievement I'm in first line doing wathever I have to do with a big ass smile on my face!

My knowledge in IT is completely self-taught, and it's propelled by pure passion, so there is literally nothing that doesn't amuse me when it comes to "make the thing work".

For this reason I'm in no hurry with my project, as I said my schedule is to first master my knowledge, messing things up with some tests and deeply understand how this systems work.

Again, as we say in Italy: "Those who do it themselves, do it like three people" (If you want something done, do it by yourself); nothing more true than this, especially when you are a meticulous autistic like me!

This place is a well of knowledge and I'm glad to have the chance to dive into it!

Many pizza-flavored greetings from Italy!
See you around! (Wash you hands!)


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