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Boot size error



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I added syslogs to understand where the code crashed.
Arrived at point 7 it freezes.
I commented on the following code and the blocking occurs in step 8.
I still commented on the code that followed and I didn't get the error anymore.
Unfortunately, channel1 now tells me: ban word table size error.

I think the problem is:


peer->Encode(&m_vec_banwordTable[0], sizeof(TBanwordTable) * m_vec_banwordTable.size());




peer->Encode(&m_vec_kLandTable[0], sizeof(building::TLand) * m_vec_kLandTable.size())



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That's happened when _CONTAINER_DEBUG_LEVEL > 0. You have two options to solve that assert: 1) set _CONTAINER_DEBUG_LEVEL to 0;  2) add the data for tables(monarch, land, banword) , of course you can compile on release mode(_CONTAINER_DEBUG_LEVEL = 0).


https://prnt.sc/s3n7qd when i don't have bandword table or it's empty.

Btw u can check the vector if it's empty like this 




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Btw u can check the vector if it's empty like this 


First of all, thanks for replying!
I did as you suggested, I added checking to see if the vector was empty and it worked, thank you !!! : D
To be able to log in, before your reply, I had to do this:


peer->Encode(&m_vec_banwordTable[0], sizeof(TBanwordTable) * m_vec_banwordTable.size());
peer->Encode(&m_vec_kLandTable[0], sizeof(building::TLand) * m_vec_kLandTable.size())



peer->Encode(&m_vec_banwordTable, sizeof(TBanwordTable) * m_vec_banwordTable.size());
peer->Encode(&m_vec_kLandTable, sizeof(building::TLand) * m_vec_kLandTable.size())


I certainly made a mistake but at least I managed to make it work.

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