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Compile Server Source With VS19

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M2 Download Center

New V5V2 V1

Download Here ( Github )

Base Project:

Updated source, cryptopp, boost, libmysql, libdevil etc.

All you have to do:


Download cmake with gui and:


Then compile it.

Enabled latest c++ features:




Password: black

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2 hours ago, DrTurk said:

Why are you using cmake for this?

If you compile the game, it's slightly better to use CMAKE and it also works on FreeBSD

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20 minutes ago, DrTurk said:

I've done it the "normal" way, is fast enough.

What does cmake improve? I worked ~4years ago with cmake but on FreeBSD so whats the benefits of cmake on windows?


My "setup": https://puu.sh/Fw7PY.mp4

You can generate projects for many IDEs(visual studio, clion, eclipse, etc) and it's easy to learn, also u can use third party libraries. Of course you can speed your build for  your own project via cotire ,also there is alternatives for cmake  (premake5, meson, etc).

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Thanks for posting it!
Thinking about it, what are the advantages for using windows instead of freebsd?
In addition to not having to use a virtual machine.

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11 hours ago, Hik said:

Thanks for posting it!
Thinking about it, what are the advantages for using windows instead of freebsd?
In addition to not having to use a virtual machine.

I saved you from shitty gdb, virtual servers and more. You can see what is wrong at source clearly. Breakpoint, call stack, etc..


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Gdb works few times, right ...

Now we only need to convert all the code I added :D
How come when I make changes and try to compile I get the error: unable to find cmd.exe?

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I hope someone can help me. I compiled DB and game without problems.

Then i combined them with DB for mysql and locale from another SF. 


And everything is okay. Then i started my client, login is ok, but when the client go in the screen with the loading bar, a crash happened.

The only syserror i have is "wsagetlasterror returned 10054". I can't find why the client always crash, maybe im using a wrong DB? What can i do?


I used the test client 40k. I tried several other client and the result is the same. Sorry for bad english and thanks for the help.

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