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Hi Community,


As you have noticed, all sections of Metin2 are being cleaned up.


All topics with a dead link have been temporarily moved to this section. 400 topics have been removed for dead links!

This means that all topics you find in the Realease section, have a download link that works. Huge thanks to @ASIKOO and @Raylee for their work and for making this possible.


But that's not all! We are going to upload all files to our new download platform, which will prevent dead links. It will be the same with dead screenshots links.

 In addition, all topics will be re-formatted and moved to the appropriate section. We'll also be redesigning the forum tree.


Are you motivated by the metin2.dev community? Do you want to get involved in the forum? Then join us!

We are actively looking for motivated members to update the forum. We need :


  • People who own the files of a dead link and would be willing to upload them again for the community. All dead links are here
  • People to upload the release files to our download platform
  • People to redesign some topics to make them more readable


If you want to participate, post a message on this topic and we will come back to you to give you all the necessary information. Discord is necessary for us to be able to communicate easily with each other.


Help us to make metin2.dev a welcoming, clean and comprehensive forum that will allow the whole Metin2 community to evolve.

Who without you, metin2.dev would be nothing ...


The staff

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I would like to support that ! I have a lot of Ressources :)

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