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[Services] Systems, C++, Python, Lua

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For those who do not know me I introduce myself a little, my name is Jesus I am higher technician in computer network systems management ,additionaly now I am in the fourth year of a career in computer engineering. I have also been creating and editing things in the world of metin2 since 2014.


There is my website where you can find all my systems:



How I work?

- Principally I ask for the files that needed modify and I add all the code properly.


Do you create system from cero?

- Yes, depend the system that you want.





Payment methods?

- Paypal, Bank Transfer.


Thanks, If you have any doubt you can add me skype: jma54x or discord: Yisus#6859

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I can just recommend this guy. We speak when he have time to help, and he kept the time. Check my problem via anydesk, said how much cost how he try to solve. (He said, if he cant the money would be refound.) After how i paid around 5 minutes send back the files, how it's should work, and see a miracle its work fine.
I try to get help other 6 developer before included the guy who sell the system for me, and no one can solve.
Trust him, and if you have some problem, just contact with him. He'll do all what he can for help to us.

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I don't know why but i can't edit the main post.

The new discord id: DevDragon#6859

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I can highly recommend this guy. Very communicative and trustworthy! He is fixing problems with his systems in no time.

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We worked two times and I can highly recommend him too.

He did his work very nice and clean.

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