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Metin2Dev: New version!

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Today, we are pleased to present you the new version of Metin2Dev. The main goal was to make the forum much cleaner and more user-friendly: mission accomplished!


Here are all the changes that have been made:


  • Update of the forum engine
  • New skin: Choose your favorite theme from 2 dark and 1 light theme while admiring the new forum logo!
  • New text editor
  • Added icons on the forum categories
  • Improvement of the display of some forum components
  • Pseudo formatting
  • Get as many trophies and medals as possible (depending on your reputation, number of messages, ...).
  • Separation of pinned subjects from normal subjects
  • Possibility to mention a group (Administrator, Moderator, ...)
  • Adding an internal currency : Yangs
  • Earn yangs by participating in the forum
  • Use the yangs to conquer trophies or buy lots of items in M2Dev's new yang shop.


This is a new version of the forum but it doesn't mean that the forum will stop evolving. We still have a lot of projects in mind that we can't wait to tell you about!


If you have any suggestions, remarks or criticism (constructive), please don't hesitate. That's how we'll move forward together.

We all hope that you will enjoy these changes.


See you soon!
The staff

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Nice theme, I'm glad someone has the time and will to give a facelift to the project. It was needed.

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The syntax highlighting of code tags has been fixed :) 

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Well I like the new setup you guys are running :)

Also the new logo is crisp asf!

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