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Hi Devs!

well, first of all - thanks for clicking my post. my name is dexam / ramses and i am a active member of this community for a long time now.
i always enjoyed editing and playing our beloved game, due to the reason it's the hobby of us and we're all having some kind of nostalgic realtion to it.
that's maybe also one of the reasons why we're all part of this community. i think i don't have to explain it further.

seeing this game slowly die, is a fact we can't prevent much. it actually depends on the interest of the people into the game itself.
so, i reflected myself: How should there be any interest into a game from 2004, that nobody even bothers to update? And with that I don't
mean "NeW ShInInG SyStEm" or some other ****. no, i mean "real" 3d updates, that have been professionally made for this game.

Actually everytime i see a server using any kind of 3d work, it's in 99.9% cases ripped out of somewhere. those thing's totally
don't fit into the game and destroying this it also slowly.

so, how can we prevent that all from happening? i'll tell you - "real" 3d updates, that have been professionally made for this game.
the thing is, everything in this world is superficial. what you're eyes will catch first, are those "3d updates". if we can actually
really improve the environment of this game, there's a chance hope for this game.

well, a lot of talking - you're maybe asking yourself: "What the heck does he mean by "updates"."

the source got leaked, for years now. nobody even bothers to implement any improvments into the game. to change that, i created
a cat based rig system for every race and gender (already created a post here, i think).

the main goal for now, will be to implement a "jumping system" - like in WoW. including doging enemy's attacks. it will work the same
way, as in Wow - by hitting the "space" key in combination with W,A,S,D-Key's. i already finished the client part, so actually the
only part missing right now will be the source. i will need help on that, that's the main reason why i created this post.

So, what is it doing right now?


Actually, nothing. It's just printing the "jumping direction" into the console, when "space" is combined with w,a,s,d. that's the point where the source function has to be executed.


so, if you really want to change the game in some way's and are capable of doing so, then please contact me. let's make some real

Some work:








thanks for reading and best regards

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