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open Metin2 Python Sqlite3 Module


Hi, I want to make a system where players can see their whisper chat history.
I want to use this in python of the sqlite3 module. But somehow I could not use sqlite3 for Metin2. Anybody know anything about this? Thank you from now. :)

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That requires proper python libs in your client.

I would suggest you do that in c++ and probably without SQLite, because there's no reason to.

Add them to a vector, save/load the vector data (encrypted), store pm's in separate files (subdirectory) for each character.

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you can take a look at guild messenger  ;)

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Are you sure that you want connect to db from client with put your credentials in py file?

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No, it isn't like that. It's a local database inside the client only.

Anyway, I don't recommend to use that lib either , anytime when you use it, it generates a small freeze during it saves the database.
I'm using it for my accountboard but I will change it later.
Here is a small example to update the last used account to place it to the top of the list during the Connect method:

		con = sqlite3.connect("lib/sqlite3/db.cpd")
		cur = con.cursor()
			cur.execute("UPDATE accounts SET last_use=? WHERE login = ?;", (time.time(), id,))
		except sqlite3.Error, e:
			dbg.TraceError("An error occurred during updating the last_use field:" + e.args[0])


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