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solved one little question about heroic pets


so im sitting right now here and asking myself somenthing my nemere has the
evolution grade 3 its a big one pet because of the scale and its on "Heroic" but it
has not the purple color ? but why ? i didnt understand that right now should i read a
specific book to make it purple ?

purple color that it should have like this:

mines look like that "i will fix the texttail paci" ❤️

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vor 4 Minuten schrieb MrQuin:

How does it look at level 81 ?

lol.. haha


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Try in instanceBase.cpp to look for :

if (!SetRace(c_rkCreateData.m_dwRace))

And see if it is like this :

	if (!SetRace(c_rkCreateData.m_dwRace))
		return false;

	if(c_rkCreateData.m_dwRace == 34041 || c_rkCreateData.m_dwRace == 34045 || c_rkCreateData.m_dwRace == 34049 || c_rkCreateData.m_dwRace == 34053 || c_rkCreateData.m_dwRace == 34036 || c_rkCreateData.m_dwRace == 34064 || c_rkCreateData.m_dwRace == 34073 || c_rkCreateData.m_dwRace == 34075 || c_rkCreateData.m_dwRace == 34080)
		if(c_rkCreateData.m_dwLevel >= 81)
	if (!SetRace(c_rkCreateData.m_dwRace))
		return false;


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