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open Stuck on loading screen


Hello guys so I modified the locale+item+icon files plus serverfile's item_proto and now the client gets stuck on loading screen any idea how to fix it ?

0720 12:04:22372 ::   File "networkModule.py", line 240, in SetGamePhase

0720 12:04:22372 ::   File "game.py", line 127, in __init__

0720 12:04:22372 ::   File "interfaceModule.py", line 348, in MakeInterface

0720 12:04:22372 ::   File "interfaceModule.py", line 159, in __MakeTaskBar

0720 12:04:22372 ::   File "uiTaskBar.py", line 568, in LoadWindow

0720 12:04:22372 ::   File "uiTaskBar.py", line 778, in RefreshQuickSlot

0720 12:04:22372 :: RuntimeError
0720 12:04:22372 :: : 
0720 12:04:22372 :: skill.GetSkillType - Failed to find skill by 3
0720 12:04:22372 :: 


game.py(line:552) Open
game.py(line:990) StartGame
game.py(line:1177) RefreshCharacter
interfaceModule.py(line:676) RefreshCharacter
uiCharacter.py(line:1116) RefreshCharacter
uiCharacter.py(line:1178) __SelectSkillGroup
uiCharacter.py(line:1164) __SetSkillSlotData
uiCharacter.py(line:861) RefreshSkill
uiCharacter.py(line:836) __RefreshSkillPage

GameWindow.Open - <type 'exceptions.RuntimeError'>:skill.GetSkillType - Failed to find skill by 1

0720 12:21:11269 :: ============================================================================================================
0720 12:21:11269 :: Abort!!!!

Tried creating a new character thought it was duo to my current character maybe something corrupted when i logged off but when i logged in the new char i got this 

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Hey folks! I seem to have a similar issue (stuck in the loading screen after adding a new system). Any kind of help is appreciated 🙂

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Your skilldesc from locale is not reading skill 3 and skill 1 (Maybe you dont have this)

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