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solved "Update" - ENABLE_ACCE_SYSTEM - Problem


Soo after following things i must ask the Community ( its 3:20 am night ._. ).

- I check my source 3 Times ( Seriously i check the code 3 times again ._. )
- I check for wrong writed words inside the code...
- After Searching Hours for Hours on Google i cannot find anything

So what im trying to do ?
i am trying to implantate the ACCE System "Sash Shoulder System"
This is what i getting from the compiler: https://pastebin.com/Ci2aCDM4

What i Think ? i think the Error must be here:

- ItemData.h - https://pastebin.com/npamdb5p
- Orginal ItemData.h (Before Sash) - https://pastebin.com/pMbDzYp8
- The Code that i must implentate - https://pastebin.com/Tqrwq7Ge
- or a #include are missing inside the system (i know that because , the other system with the definition "ENABLE_SASH_SYSTEM" has
the same error as the code that i using now "ENABLE_ACCE_SYSTEM" so.. maybe someone know where the missing include must be written to..
- OR i adding PythonAcce.cpp and PythonAcce.h wrong but i dont realy think the failure is here i add them like that
Visual Studio -> rightclick on userinterface -> add -> add existing item > and done. i think its right.

So i hope someone here have a idea what i can do im very thankfully for that and im very tired right now and go in 2h to sleep.
and sorry for my english like always :)


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It was my own fault ._. i adding some code on the buttom of actorinstance.h ( yeah i hate myself and love @WLsj24 ) :blush:

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